4sp.in - Make URLs shorter - no frills

Must begin with http:// https:// ftp://

Must begin with http:// https:// ftp://


Smartest Human Alive aka:BrainDonkey (twitter)

I got annoyed and was bored so I wrote my own. Wanted it simple and thats it. No frills. Also wanted a test case for using Codeigniter framework.

Launched 9/14/09, Staying up forever. Don't care if no one else uses it, but I will forever.

A rack of servers (not just for this), a great hosting facility. Ubuntu, mysql, php.

er, um, uh, you take a silly obnoxiously long URL and make it shorter so you can tweet it or not blow out the side of an email...

More FAQ

4sp.in this Click this link, then chop off everything before and including the ?, then save as a bookmark. Auto copies short link to your clipboard so you can paste it to twitter or facebook or whatever.

Is there an API?
Yes! checkout the ShortenAPI and the UNshortenAPI

Why is this so ugly?
Because, it's a tool and it's meant to do what it does, thats it. Nothing more.

Can I see your stats?
Sure! When I get around to it.

What happens if the site goes down?
Short answer, it will eventually come back up. Long answer, I get barraged with SMS and email notices when something goes wrong. I then go fix it. This is probably not the only site down since I have quite a few sites. To find out a time frame, see the short answer earlier.

Tell me about you?
I like sushi and beer, but actually not too well together. Real beer, not yellow water. Real sushi, as in raw stuff, not california rolls with Krab in it.